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This Year's Scariest Halloween Costume? Toxic Facepaint!

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Cadmium Found in Halloween Make-up


Halloween is full of spooky surprises, but toxic chemicals, like cadmium and mercury in Halloween make-up--that's a creepy surprise we'd all like to avoid. recently tested common Halloween make-up, often used by young children, and found one or more toxic heavy metals in 100% of the products tested. Fifty percent of the products tested contained detectable levels of cadmium. Cadmium is a potent neurotoxin and carcinogen, and can disrupt a child's healthy development. It's scary to think about putting these nasty chemicals directly on your face!

Fortunately, a bi-partisan group of Michigan Senators recently introduced a bill that would help to protect kids from cadmium and mercury in children's products. Please tell your Senator that creepy chemicals, like cadmium and mercury, have no place in our children's toys and products. Ask your Senator to co-sponsor this important legislation.

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Please co-sponsor SB 764 and protect children from cadmium and mercury

Dear Senator,

I find it unacceptable that toxic chemicals, like cadmium and mercury, continue to be found in children's products. Recent testing by, a project of the Ecology Center, found high levels of cadmium and other heavy metals in children's Halloween make-up. As your constituent, I expect you to prioritize children's health.

Last week, Senator Kahn introduced SB 764, which would amend the Public Health Code to classify cadmium and mercury as toxic heavy metals and prohibit them in children's products; lead was classified in 2008. Cadmium and mercury are potent neurotoxins and carcinogens, and both chemicals can disrupt a child's development. I urge you to co-sponsor SB 764 and help to move it swiftly through the Senate.

Our children deserve to be protected from cadmium and mercury, which can cause life-long, permanent damage to their health. I hope you will do everything you can to pass this important legislation quickly.


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