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HB 4265 & 4266: Exempt Certain Landfills from Yard Waste Ban


In 1995, Michigan instituted a Yard Waste Ban that prevented leaves and grass clipping from disposal in landfills. This ban reduced the volume of trash going into landfills and spawned a vibrant composting industry.

Composted yard waste creates nutrient-rich soil used by farmers, gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners, reducing the use of harmful fertilizers which run off into our streams, rivers, and lakes.

Now, however, HB 4265 and 4266 would allow over half of Michigan's landfills to accept yard waste so that they can burn it instead of recycling it. Landfills with methane-capture systems would be exempted from the yard waste ban, increasing the volume of garbage that landfills receive and requiring more landfills to be built.

Further, this would remove a deterrent to Canadian and out-of-state trash importation from sources which do not separate yard waste from garbage.

These bills would put composters out of business, too, by burning the raw materials they need and polluting the air, instead. Methane produced from burning waste is 21 times worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Even with methane capture systems, much of it escapes into the air.

HB 4265 and 4266 passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support and bipartisan opposition. An amendment may be soon added to the bill to allow the Detroit incinerator to burn yard waste, too. Take action now and tell members of the Senate Committee on Energy & Technology to reject HB 4265 and 4266, and help keep jobs in Michigan and trash out!

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Please Vote NO on HB 4265 & 4266!

Dear Senator Young,

I am writing to urge you to vote "No" on HB 4265 and 4266, which will produce very real and damaging unintended consequences. Though no one supporting these bills wishes for composting businesses to go bankrupt, that is undoubtedly what will happen if these bills are enacted.

The yard waste ban was enacted in 1995 to reduce the volume of trash in landfills. Yard waste is not trash, but becomes nutrient-rich compost, providing fertile soil to landscapers, farmers, gardeners, homeowners, and the businesses which supply them. Composting also reduces the need for harmful fertilizers which run off into our watersheds.

If yard waste is allowed to be thrown in the trash, then the raw materials needed for composting will be burned away into ozone-contaminating methane, which is 21 times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Composting business will go bankrupt and Michigan citizens will be laid off. These bills are job-killers.

While some energy will be produced from burning yard waste with trash, the increased waste volume will require increased capacity for landfill storage. Further, it will eliminate a deterrent to out-of-state trash importation from sources which do not separate yard waste from trash. Both of these stresses will result in more landfills in Michigan.

Any minimal benefit derived from burning yard waste does not justify the harm these bills will cause. We should not provide exemptions to the yard waste ban to landfills or incinerators. Keep composting jobs in Michigan and keep trash out by voting NO on HB 4365 and 4266!

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